The Elves - Land of Britain


The Elves

First thing first, today we want to show you the Elves race with artworks of our Artists. As usual, our artists can surprise us with their works and show you what awaits you in the world of Land of Britain. . Another important thing is to remember you that very soon will come out more videoblogs made by Kurolily that will accompany you in the next news and we assure you that there will be many and they will be of great impact in the world of MMORPGs. A few weeks ago we showed our teaser trailer accompanied by our Land of Britain soundtrack – Epic Legend. The soundtrack was so much appreciated by all of you, so today we decided to let you listen to it all.

 Land of Britain : Epic Legend Soundtrack

That’s all folks, but soon will come out the long-awaited news of the Tier of Kickstarter and a surprise for all of you. Each passing day, Land of Britain changes the perspective of what you could do in MMORPGs and what players have always wanted to do, transforming it into something more real. Go Britons!

About Land of Britain

Teaser Video


We never found it,, so we made it.

Land of Britain is an innovative fantasy MMORPG. An evolving world in which three Kingdoms face eachother to survive. A reality that changes as time goes by, in which every character can live his adventures facing challanges with your own playstyle. PvE, KvK, Crafting, choose your path and protect your Kingdom in the Lands of Britain.

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