Kingdoms - Land of Britain


History of Britain in the Age of the Dragon, Volume I

On the lush hills of the south, blessed by the warm winds of the afternoon, it raises the realm of Avalon. Humans have made it great, the Draconians made it stronger than the rock and the steel. Camelot is the capital, its throbbing heart. There the sacred flame shines donated by the dragon, burning frame for the Sword and the Crown. Avalon is home of honor and devotion, of wizards and knights.

Letter of Vortigern

Our enemy is powerful – half man, half Draconian. An unbearable mestizo with dirty and contaminated blood. Yet the crowds follow him, the people love him even if he is rigid and inflexible. He united the kingdom where others have failed. He deposed me as if I were none, but maybe with your help, I will be king again, because the throne is mine by right.




Songs of the North, popular oral tradition

Forefathers came from the frozen seas.
Eager for conquest. Hungry for glory.
Forefathers conquered the snow and the mountains.
Spilling the blood of brothers and opponents.
Forefathers dominated the North, but it was not enough.
The war also came to the South up to Silver Lake.
Finally the rainbow marked the last conquest,
At the price of Norden, Alveris, Jotunn and Dwarves.
A watery grave where now resides Valhalnir, the principal capital.
The great snake was pleased by our strength,
But asked us peace.
In gift, it carried the hammer and the anvil,
The cascade of ice to seal the deal.

Runes engraved on stone tablets

Brunhild. The woman who sits on the wooden throne of Valhalnir. She is the one that we have to strike to destroy what binds the whole Norsengard. They are her strong arm, the spear wielded that keep in check the peoples. Only Norden and the Clan Ulver are fascinated by that pretty face and blond hair. Do not be fooled, beyond the angelic face there is a monster ready to do anything to achieve its goals.



Rime of the Green Lands, Chapter I

The earth is the Dragon and nature is the Earth. Rising from the forests of Der-Loc, sprouting on the coasts of Ban-Aill, up to overshadow the soil of Dunum, green dominates the plains. Talamhria, holy land united under the shadow of the Tree of Life on top of the mountain-city of Emain Denn. There it takes places the Council of the Kings. Elves, Men and Negur to deal with Leprechauns, Voadkyn and ancestral spirits.

Unkown letter

King Conchobar is King more than I am. A puppet, that’s what he is. Legislates and holds firm the Council, but those are not his words. Those are words of who lives in his shadow. Hidden behind the corpulence of the Sovereign, Cù Chulain weaves the threads of plots and intrigues. Lord, that’s your real enemy.