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Levels, Styles and the Balance System

Welcome back Britons!

Today we begin to delve into the mechanics of the game that make Land of Britain unique and set it apart from other games on the market. We start with one of the most important aspects for a player – the development of your own character. In Land of Britain each character will gain experience until you reach level 50. The various levels allow you to change the character in different ways, making it more unique. Specifically:

  • From level 1 to level 24, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the game mechanics without having to worry too much about the choice you make and how it will affect the final configuration of the character. Then you will receive the basic styles, each with its own characteristics, which are concatenated with one another in a simple way, following the established patterns.
  • From level 25 to level 50 you will evolve the styles previously learned. It will be you to decide what each style already learned has to do (for example decrease the speed of the enemy’s attack, disarm, etc.) to customize it and be able to bind it to other styles to suit your needs – i.e., depending on whether you use two weapons or two-handed weapon or a weapon and a shield, the styles may be adjusted accordingly. Also, you will have the possibility to choose between ready presets, so that even inexperienced players can get a feel for how to customize.


The Balance System

There’s more: from level 21 to level 50, each character will gain 1 Balance Point for each level (30 points total). You will distribute Balance Points among the four available balance branches for the characters: attack, defense, counterattack, utilities (it refers to the ability of the character to be useful to the group developing support skills). In this way, you can modify your character as you see fit, without being necessarily anchored to the archetype – i.e., you can choose a tank character, but take advantage of the balance to improve the performance of the attack, or dividing points between more branches. While spending the points on a single branch and then opting for a quite marked specialization, with the last point you will get a very powerful specialty.

To this, 2 more styles have been added, acquired at level 25 and 50, unique styles for each class of the realm and also customizable to enter the best in the chains of styles.

As you can see, the possibilities are varied to meet the most demanding players who want to develop a unique and deeply personal fighting style, but also to those less experienced thanks to the ready presets to choose from.

In the next news we’re going to delve into the Balance System to which we referred and the combat system, so stay tuned and be sure to visit our website and our forum (http://landofbritain.com/community ) where we will answer all your questions!


Levelling Tree



Magic Classes Talamhria




Cathbad, personal journal

As elder chief of the druids I find myself in front of a though choice. Nature is out of hand and grows at an unnatural rate. Dark magic is at work. Deforestation is no use. This will be Talamhria’s demise. We have to draw from the forbidden teaching, the ones that transform the trees’ life energy in powerful offensive spells. This is the only choice, the only way to stop the relentless advance and fight back the invaders at the front.

Careers and professions: a glimpse into the realms of Britannia, Chapter VII


The Nadur Bas are the pain of Nature itself. Born in recent times by the need to destroy the uncontrolled growth of Talamhrian nature. The mechanism that allows them to cast powerful spells is cruel and simple at the same time. Instead of tapping into the power of Nature, they consume it, actually slaying trees, plants and shrubs. The energy released is terrible and can cause extensive damage to those who are hit by the effects. Beyond that it is possible that these sorcerers use the rotting flora to immobilize their opponents or to create simulacra that can help them carry out their purposes.They wear thin gowns, with arcane symbols in order to ask forgiveness for the sacrilege that they are making. There are many different specializations, depending on the catalyst used for conveying the magic power. Typically they endeavor sticks, globes mixed with ceremonial daggers, and finally spell books.The Nadur Bas sorcerers are perhaps the ones more attached to Nature, even if their actions might indicate otherwise. Only those who love Nature beyond themselves are able to use Its destruction for a greater purpose. Aware of this, their expressions are always worried and suffering. You will never see a happy Nadur Bas.

  • Huge magical damage
  • Ability to slow down or incapacitate the opponents
  • Different lines of spells according to the type of the weapon used




Nadur Bas

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