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Kurolily Vlog!

Potato Killer Studios in collaboration with Kurolily announces the first contest related to Land of Britain.
We will have an important announce next week and for the occasion we want to award our fan players who follow us with a gift that will make many gamers happy, but it will be kept secret until the announce.

So the treasure hunt begins to find what is the important announce, the first 10 lucky readers that will understand the subject of this announce and will post both on facebook and twitter the exact answer will received a fantastic and misterious prize!
To help you we will post everyday on Facebook and Twitter an hint to help you understand what is about, so like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter everyday to look for the hints.

Do not wait and like on Land of Britain page and follow us on Twitter!

Go Britons…follow the signs on FACEBOOK and TWITTER Go!

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Land of Britain

About Land of Britain

An evolving world in which three Kingdoms face eachother to survive

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We never found it,, so we made it.

Land of Britain is an innovative fantasy MMORPG. An evolving world in which three Kingdoms face eachother to survive. A reality that changes as time goes by, in which every character can live his adventures facing challanges with your own playstyle. PvE, KvK, Crafting, choose your path and protect your Kingdom in the Lands of Britain.

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