History - Land of Britain

The Britannic history is shrouded in a veil of legend and mystery. I dedicated my entire life to collect testimonies of its origins, transformations and development. In these pages you can find extracts which I, a poor and humble scholar, consider essential to understand the island we live in.

Mappa di Britannia

Dragon Age Britannic History, Volume I

The Great Dragon was earth itself. With his magic shaped the sacred soil of Britain and the races on the other edge of the sea populated it. The three kingdoms rose accordingly. Avalon at east, kissed by the sun and grooved by sweet verdant hills. Talamhria at west, verdant in its majesty. Norsengard in the deep north, perennial ice’s homeland, where only the fittest can survive.

A thousand years passed by, blessed by a long lasting and strong peace. To honor this achievement, the Dragon gifted magic itself to the capitals. The sword and the crown to Camelot, bound by the sacred flames. The hammer and the anvil to Valhalnir, wet by the Icy Cascade. The tree of life and the stone to Emain Denn. Gifts that pledged friendship and brotherhood for another millenium.

Everything ended after on year. War was brought upon the three kingdoms by the ferocious Northern wind. The delegations reunited to honor the Dragon, but there wasn’t much left of him. Only his lifeless body, devastated by countless blows, pierced by every kind of weapons. Spears and hammers forged with the cold steel of Norsengard lied down with Avalonian swords and sparkling shields, Talamhrians arrows and staves.

Every regent swiftly declared himself innocent, pointing the finger toward the closest he liked the less. Nobody took the blame. Maybe was nobody’s fault. The Crow perched on the broken horn witnessed the start of the War.

The representatives took battle on the spot, everyone looking forward to seize the Dragon’s remains hoping they had magical properties. Earth itself, linked by an unbreakable bond with the draconic spirit, appeared to abhor such a massacre on the holy grounds. A great fissure cut open the ground and split the three kingdoms for good. The soulless body of the sacred beast was eaten by the shadows, leaving behind only one fang, one horn and one claw. Only the three kings survived the battle, everyone of them took a relic and fled to their own lands, promising to themselves that the blood debt will be payed. The Crow flew away satisfied.

War Chronicles, Tome III

The Relics’ power diminish. The more they distance from the black chasm the less their benevolent influence flourish the lands of the chosen realm. Three strongholds are being built near the abyss, close enough to the kingdoms to be swiftly defended but far enough to be vulnerable to constant attacks. Every king crave the prosperity that gave life to their realms. Stone forts rise on Lanster’s hills, wood outposts stud Agaror’s vales, trees and rocks are shaped to defend Uxed-Uir. The armies can only clash in those lands, the heart of the three kingdoms were spared and didn’t have to see the steel crash, the blood flow. For now, at the very least. War’s black wind sway swift, like the flapping wings of a dark bird.

Avalon Dinasty, Volume XXIV

Vortigern the usurper has finally been deposed. Uther Pendragon’s armies gloriously march inside Camelot, before the new king’s incoronation. Uther, half human, half dragon, has been the only one able to unify he avalonian races. The disagreements were archived and the common intent was clear: make a stand against the threats coming from North and West. Avalonians now give refuge to the Highlanders, drive away from their land by the Norden. The Ferliaths, even though reserved, resumed trades with other populations. The Catuvellanui happily swore loyalty to Uther, after they had their lands returned. Even the Giants and the Draconians took a stand with Uther, the one and only Dragon King.

Northern Songs, oral people’s tradition

Praise Queen Brunhild, whom with might and wit took Norsengard back to its ancient magnificence. Asgaror is reconquered, the Relic is gifting its power to us once again. The kingdom is finally united under one single vessel. Norderns celebrate with Ulvers who came to help from the east sea. Jotunns strengthen the bond re-building Alveris’ ice palaces. Dwarves’ forges shape the steel Goblins sell cheap. The North is back together, our enemies must fear us.

Kings’ Council Report, Emain-Denn

The challenge to proclaim the Supreme King of Talamhria has finally come to an end. Cu Chulain defeated every champion, showing off his informidable strength and his hot-blooded character. King Conchobar takes command, even if he is easily persuaded by the words of his champion. Who has the real power then? No matter what, the population obeys the law and defends the realm. Talamhs are ready for war as much as the Elves, since they live near the most dangerous lands. Nagurs reached the land to help, and the underworld shepherds too, the Voadkyns, drove away from their lands by the unpenetrable vegetation. Leprechauns fund the war machine, even tho it’s not clear where all this gold comes from. A new race revealed herself to help in the upcoming battles. The Seantaidhs, spirits of the nature, the joined us, proof that earth itself is on our side.

Unknown letter

The black wind is on the job. Avalon’s lands started to dry up. Eastern regions are turning in abandoned deserts and the disease won’t stop spreading. Talamhria is invade by roots which are spreading through woods, forests, cities, entire territories. The populations keep cutting down, but as fast as they can be, they won’t be fast enough to stop the contagion. As if this was not enough Norcengard’s ices are melting even tho the temperatures are low. The water flows to south and creates swamps while demolishing everything it finds in its way. As we suspected only the Dragon’s Relics are able to temporarily stop this decay. War is coming from every front, hard and bloody like never we have seen before.