Gathering - Land of Britain

Gathering in Britannia

In Land of Britain, the Gathering is something completely new and exciting – every time you decide to gather you will never know what will happen or what you could find and so a normal ‘pickaxe blow’ could turn into your greatest adventure. THAT’s what we mean by dynamic world and this is one of its amazing features.
In Land of Britain there are 7 types of Gathering: Archeologist, Fishing, Foresting, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning and the SoulTrapper and each character can choose two of them.
One certainly innovative feature is the ability to undertake the gathering alone or in groups:

  • Single Gathering: it will allow us to find material and resources for crafting going solo, but if this is what you seem to have done in every other MMO, with our Treasure Hunter skill, it will never be the same.
  • Group Gathering: there it goes the news, a normal vein of iron can become a small mine, a spot of wood can be transformed into a small sawmill and if you want to go fishing how about using the boat and fishing with nets, in groups?

This is one of the things we love about Land of Britain – the ability to have a Group Gathering leading you to find many more resources and to create a spot from which, for a given period, it will be possible to extract materials but that will create the events, too, such as mob attacks, the discovery of hidden places and much more!



Treasure Hunter

That’s all we got? No way! We decided to make the Gathering as much fun as possible, so we’ve decided to add a sub-specialization which we called Treasure Hunter in the Gathering. What is it?
The Treasure Hunter is a novelty that makes the Gathering fun and unpredictable for those who want to pursue this further specialization. It is meant to make the gathering extremely addictive and fun by giving you the opportunity to live an adventure always unique. The TH may be used in both in the Single Gathering and in the Group one, enriching both of possible discoveries such as Treasure Maps, enchanted chests that only the magic will hatching or forgotten treasures that require the skills of a blacksmith to be opened. You will have chance to find graves, mini dungeons, bosses who will defend special tools for crafters or hide unimaginable treasures and many other surprises. The Treasure Hunter will enrich every Gathering from fishing to foresting, from herbalism to the Soultrapper, in totally unexpected ways and that will make any type of Gathering extremely addictive. Now, you will be able to enable or not the TH according the type of Gathering you learned, and it will be possible by disenabling the TH skill to reactivate it when you’ll want to use it again.