Talamhria - Land of Britain

Talamhria’s races

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Rime of the Green Lands, Chapter I

The earth is the Dragon and nature is the Earth. Rising from the forests of Der-Loc, sprouting on the coasts of Ban-Aill, up to overshadow the soil of Dunum, green dominates the plains. Talamhria, holy land united under the shadow of the Tree of Life on top of the mountain-city of Emain Denn. There it takes places the Council of the Kings. Elves, Men and Negur to deal with Leprechauns, Voadkyn and ancestral spirits.



Talamhar, first King of Dur, personal diary

We have always been just men, humble servants of the land and the harvest. But we are more than that. I see our strength, not that of the individual, but that of the entire community. There are not barriers that can retain us. Our tribe, my children and I. Elves call us Talamh, as if they want to honor me as the King. Dur is only the start, one day I will found a great kingdom where we will be able to transmit our values. This is what my dreams tell.






Arden McKenzie, personal journal

Forget the rainbows. Those are just legends. Even the pot might be a fabrication. But the gold coins… oh… those are for real! Don’t think I’m crazy. I saw them! I saw them hidden in basements. Only people of their size can sneak in those holes under the pine­houses. They look all merry and friendly, only a facade if you ask me. Here’s a piece of advice, they are swift and stealthy, masters with knives, the best trackers among the three reigns. Stealing in their homes might be the last thing you do.



 Green Lands’ Rhymes, Chapter III

 Nature generated her most beloved children, Elves. Bloomed in a dream of light and lymph they started to take their first steps in the world. Thin and graceful, swift and elegant they love nature and her magic. Long lasting and superior to the other races hey devote themselves to mother earth and with her blessing they live, they evolve, they last.

Peoples of Britain, Chapter XIX

Throughout Talamhria, the Elves are perhaps the most cultured people. Although the physique does not make them the stronger race, the sharp intellect and the high dexterity outweigh this shortcoming. They have a unique bond with Nature and the magic that feeds it and that makes them the best arcane users of the kingdom granting them the ability to increase their spell power. They are expert guides of the woods and excellent light fighters too. They live mostly in isolated villages in the forests, in houses shaped from the roots of the trees.
Their penchant for the ars arcana lead the profession of the caster to be the most popular in their settlements.

  • High intelligence and great dexterity
  • Skilled casters
  • Favored Class: Nadur Bas






Northern Songs, oral popular tradition

The foam caressed the coasts like a lonely lover. Between the white spurts, tails raised from the sea in a multitude of colors. Blue, violet, silver and jade­green. The Nagurs slithered on the northern sand to claim their revenge. The fins mutated in favor of strong legs. The spines on their back hoisted, spears and tridents firm in their hands. When they went back to the sea the trail of blood was the warning to not invade their lands anymore.



Green Lands’ Rhymes, Chapter IV

When the trees were tall and leafy, nature needed someone to take care of smaller sprouts, shrubs and sprigs. Voadkyns, underworld shepherds, gladly stepped forward. Taller than Elves, bolder than men. Simpleminded and practical, they live to create beauty and destroy everything that grows over it.







Kings’ Council Report, Emain­Denn

Today a Seintaidh’s delegate arrived to the Council. He appeared as an iridescent light orb, but the narrow­minded present couldn’t accept that such a being could communicate. Then to meet our needs the Seantaidh called over a body made of roots, bark and tough wood, a bronze mask took the place of the face he didn’t have. Then he spoke and everybody could understand.