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Avalon’s Races

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History of Britain in the Age of the Dragon, Volume I

On the lush hills of the south, blessed by the warm winds of the afternoon, it raises the realm of Avalon. Humans have made it great, the Draconians made it stronger than the rock and the steel. Camelot is the capital, its throbbing heart. There the sacred flame shines donated by the dragon, burning frame for the Sword and the Crown. Avalon is home of honor and devotion, of wizards and knights.






History of Britain in the Age of the Dragon, Volume III

None of the peoples of Britain is committed to war as Avalonians. They are a well-oiled war machine, guided by discipline and inspired by commanders. They subjugated the scourge of Fairies who infested the hills of Hertford, defeated the outcasts cousins of the Draconians in Coruvernum. They are the heart of the Avalonian strength, skilled in destroying as well as in building.



War Chronicles, Tome IX

The Highlanders have no choice but to leave their homes. The feud with the Nordens have seen them deafeated, chased away to south. While they march restlessly to Avalon, the only reign willing to give them shelter, they plan their payback and swear that one day they’ll recapture their own lands. The battle was lost from the very beginning, even though they are between the best warriors their scarce aptitude to magic allowed Norden’s shamans to massacre their lines, defenseless against arcane powers.



prexiew2 DraconiansDraconian

Alba Draconis, Unique Volume

The Draconians are the Dragon progeny. Tall and mighty, they dominate magic and steel. The scales that cover their bodies are as tough as tempered steel and their horns can be used as mortal weapons. Proclaiming themselves to be a superior race, they live in mountains carved and polished with magic. They value art and wealth over everything else and despise weakness.

Peoples of Britain, Chapter I

The Draconians are the first race to be appeared on Britannia. They are the offspring of the Dragon, born from its breath of life. They are noble and proud and watch other peoples with haughtiness. The mighty bodies and the scales hard as steel make them very resistant, so it’s not uncommon to see warriors and knights of Draconian race. Despite the combative arts skills, they are also accustomed to the use of the arcane, because the Dragon is Magic itself and they are its first children. Their settlements are ancient and magnificent. Large facades carved in the rock open on the sides of the mountains, but this is only an appearance: big cities are dug in and contain the treasures accumulated over the centuries. The love for gold of this race is well known.

  • Great resistance
  • Versatility
  • Favored Class: Knight




Small People of Britain, Compendium

Ferliaths are the lovers of the shadows. Short and dark skinned they perfectly blend in the darkness, swiftly leaving from sight. They are remarkable spies, averse by nature. They have a grudge with their Leprechauns cousins due to facts unknown to us. Who doesn’t excel in the subterfuge arts, channels his skills at the service of deception magic or steel.



Avalon Populations, Compendium

The Giants have ancestors in common with humans. They are one time and a half taller than their cousins and they have a strong and tonic build. Their skin and hair are no different from every other human race on the island. Even though it’s hard to run into a large number of them, it’s easier to find some settlements in eastern Avalon. They live thanks to pastoralism and are great experts of the reign’s hidden paths. Beside the tremendous physical advantages they are gifted with soothing magic abilites.



War Chronicles, Tome VIII

Eventually the people of Catuvellum are free. The grasp of Talamhria is dissolved by the incomparable strength of Avalon. Used to magic since time immemorial, the Catuvellanui can finally use it for themselves, and not disclose their secrets to their hated jailers. The centuries of confinement left an indelible stigma, their physiques once mighty are now weak and frail. Thearcane arts and dexterity are the only talents left.