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Britain’s Professions and Crafting


Introduction to Crafting!

Today, we reveal the first details about the creation of your character in Land of Britain and we introduce some details of one of the features that will be among the key components of the game: the Crafting!
During the character creation, the player can choose between two archetypes: adventurer and crafter. Both can choose a class and a profession in which to specialize. Then, how are the two archetypes different? Easier said than done – the crafter will be able to bring his profession until the cap, and it will develop its combative specialization up to 75% of the cap; conversely the adventurer will lead to cap the combative specialization and develop the profession up to 75% of the cap.

There will be various professions available, each one with its own peculiarities: the gunsmith, the blacksmith, the carpenter, the cook, the alchemist, the charmer, the manufacturer of tools, the tailor, the tanner and the jeweler. Both the crafter and adventurer can choose only one – we want to create a solid and balanced market, taking advantage of the fact that the various objects and resources will have different specifics and origins (PvE – PvP – Craft), allowing an important exchange and playing economy, and not only a decoration. That is why crafting in Land of Britain will be a key component, as much as PvE and PvP.

 Crafters will not be forced to create thousands of objects to improve their skills, but they will have their own storyline and quests. In addition, they will be essential for PvE: i.e., having a crafter in groups inside a dungeon, brings advantages during the fights against bosses, giving access to hidden areas with skills related to the resolution of events inside the dungeons and countless other details that we will reveal you gradually. Obviously you can also simply gain experience with the object creation – Land of Britain will grant complete freedom from this point of view, providing different paths of development, but leaving everyone a chance to choose their favorite one.

Even in the PvP, the crafter will be the star – it can create the best siege weapons, repair them when necessary and giving a buff to use them more efficiently, create special ammunition for catapults and ballistae etc. and it can also repair different parts of a fortress or simply strengthen it further.
In short, the crafting will be a key part of the game, like PvP and PvE, in order to create a diverse community but that rooted deeply in the game. And this is only a part of what we are developing – soon we will update you with other interesting and unique details!




Spellcrafter Logo SPELLCRAFTER

 Professions and careers: a look into Britain’s kingdom, chapter XXX

The spellcrafter is among the most complicated and most profitable Britain’s professions. Can only be wield by those who can channel arcane streams, it consists in the art of channeling magic power through rare catalysts into objects. Part of the aura generated by the enchanter binds indissolubly to the clothes’ or weapons’ materials, transferring them to the wearer. This process though requires a large amount of concentration since the forces in play are completely unstable, only one error and the spellcrafter risks to generate explosions endangering his own life. This profession is fundamental for the three kingdoms, this magic imbued crafts have the power to enhance the power of their armies exponentially.


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 Careers and professions: a glimpse into the realms of Britain, Chapter XXIII 

Among all the professions of Britain, one not to be underestimated is the cook. A good cook can prepare delicious meals, starting from simple ingredients. It is almost comparable to the alchemist, in matter of correct doses and exact firing temperatures. Its ability is not limited just to food, it is also useful to regain the energy lost during the day. A good cook also excels in the art of distillates and potions: tonics virtually immediate. The best cooks of the kingdoms are also able to create bases used for other important preparations. That’s the reason why the cooks are reckoned in so high esteem, in spite of the humility that such work would suggest.