Talamhria - Land of Britain

Talamhria’s Classes

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Fas Nadur

Green Lands’ Rhymes, chapter IX

The tree of life blesses its mortal children. The power of growth, of birth and rejuvenation now beats in their hearts. Champions chosen to protect nature and balance. Last stand against evil magic.





Nadur Bas

 Cathbad, personal journal

As elder chief of the druids I find myself in front of a though choice. Nature is out of hand and grows at an unnatural rate. Dark magic is at work. Deforestation is no use. This will be Talamhria’s demise. We have to draw from the forbidden teaching, the ones that transform the trees’ life energy in powerful offensive spells. This is the only choice, the only way to stop the relentless advance and fight back the invaders at the front.

Careers and professions: a glimpse into the realms of Britannia, Chapter VII

The Nadur Bas are the pain of Nature itself. Born in recent times by the need to destroy the uncontrolled growth of Talamhrian nature. The mechanism that allows them to cast powerful spells is cruel and simple at the same time. Instead of tapping into the power of Nature, they consume it, actually slaying trees, plants and shrubs. The energy released is terrible and can cause extensive damage to those who are hit by the effects. Beyond that it is possible that these sorcerers use the rotting flora to immobilize their opponents or to create simulacra that can help them carry out their purposes.They wear thin gowns, with arcane symbols in order to ask forgiveness for the sacrilege that they are making. There are many different specializations, depending on the catalyst used for conveying the magic power. Typically they endeavor sticks, globes mixed with ceremonial daggers, and finally spell books.The Nadur Bas sorcerers are perhaps the ones more attached to Nature, even if their actions might indicate otherwise. Only those who love Nature beyond themselves are able to use Its destruction for a greater purpose. Aware of this, their expressions are always worried and suffering. You will never see a happy Nadur Bas.

  • Huge magical damage
  • Ability to slow down or incapacitate the opponents
  • Different lines of spells according to the type of the weapon used
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Scathach, report to the king

Training proceeds better than expected. The candidates seem to learn the camouflage and light weapons fighting basics. They can become faster and more balanced in their movements, but I think you’ll have a handful of agile warriors in no time ready to infiltrate the enemy lines.



Oswald McEndy, personal journal

I have no choice but travel in the woods, the infested ones. I tried to pay someone to escort me, nobody wanted to. Then I saw a man in the corner of the inn. He didn’t look trustworthy, but he accepted to escort me. We were walking for a while when we found a bear on our way. He immediately reassured me, it was a friend of his. I couldn’t believe it! The bear escorted us, like it was domesticated. It followed the man’s commands without hesitation. I made it home safely. Then I asked around. I knew it! He was a Barnhir.



Caln Ulver, war record

Victory was in our hands. The Talamhrians forces were retreating, Conall Cernach was about to die. Then four warriors came forward, their armors were sturdy and heavy. They compensated their slow movements with great intelligence. They resisted longer than we expected thanks to their imposing shields and their tight formation. Eventually they perished, but they bought enough time to let Conall Cernach escape. After all those warriors died with honor and they deserve our respect.


Arm Maistir

Cù Chulain, speech to the recruits

You volunteered for this, but you have no idea what awaits. You think you are good at swinging swords and hammers? You know nothing! You’ll learn how to wield every kind of weapon, how to efficiently use them in any occasion. You’ll be Talamhria’s battering ram, the most powerful of all military forces. You’ll have to exceed your limits! You won’t care about wounds, you’ll funnel your rage to crash the enemy!