Norsengard - Land of Britain

Norsengard’s Classes

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Unknown letter, last will

They tracked me down. I tried to throw them off my scent, they never lost me. When I thought I was safe the wolves blocked my way, arrows and spears pierced me to death. They took what I stole and left me alone, with the cold to finish what they started and a piece of paper to write down my last will with my own blood.



Shaman’s Song, oral popular tradition

What I was seeing had no logic. Spirits dancing with warriors accompanied by a slow and harmonious song. A lot of spectral wolves hovered in the air, invisible to the ones who lacked this kind of vision. In the heat of the battle man and spirit merged together creating an unmatched entity. These creatures were out for blood. The blood of their enemies in a million howlings.



Huscarl LogoHuscarl

Huscarls Oath

We are the wall. We are the anvil. We are the last bulwark in defense of the kingdom and its people. Our skin is steel, our left the shield, our right the sword. Where all give up we stand, when all run away we move forward. Our heart firm, our mind iron. Only death can bring us peace.

Careers and professions: a glimpse into the realms of Britannia, Chapter VII

Covered with metal from head to toe, the Huscarls are the last bastion of Norsengard. Experts in the use of various melee weapons, they prefer a defensive style, supported by heavy and massive shields and armor without weaknesses. Perfect bodyguards, they are able to ward off many shots turned to their protégés and if this were not enough they can get up to sacrifice their own bodies in defense of their companions. The defensive style adopted by these brave guardians varies depending on the weapons used, such as two-handed weapons, able to stun opponents, or pairs of light weapon to disarm. The Huscarls follow the path of devotion and honor and also they would give their lives to defend a comrade in battle.

  • High defense and resistance
  • Protect even the companions from the attacks
  • Different defensive styles depending on the type of weapon used
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Specialization: The Defense



Northern Songs, oral popular tradition

Water and ice spirits fill us with your immense power. Gift us your magic, teach us your wisdom.Thanks to your gifts we are Magi, northern wind’s spear that damages and destroys.



Shaman’s Song, oral popular tradition

Spirits float in the air, the power that cram earth, sea and sky. Blooming power, meant to heal and defend. Innate wisdom that pervade the chosen ones hearts. Humble men before the great energy, support for the child of the north and their souls.



Dialogue between unknown persons, Morgan Dern’s report, Avalon’s spy

“I need a man who can hide in the shadows. A man who can blend in. He needs to be fast withweapons and legs, a man without hesitations. He needs to follow my commands without questionthem.”

“You don’t need a man. You need a Morder.”