Avalon - Land of Britain

Avalon’s Classes

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Avalon Dinasty, volume XIX

War is coming. King Uther called to arms every valorous soldier that strives to defend the sacred land of Avalon. The ones who will prove themselves worthy and more capable with melee weapons are going to become Warmasters, the best of the best, meant to be heroes.




War Chronicles, tome X


The battle seemed lost. Northern invaders were exterminating our defensive lines. Only a breath separating us from an inglorious demise. It’s in this time that Sir Caradoc came from the mist with his fearless knights. Their armors sparkling at dawn’s light and their enchantments lightning up the sunrise with color of victory. Unable to breach Knight’s inviolable defenses, the invaders fled chased by ours’ shouts of victory.

Careers and professions: a glimpse into the realms of Britannia, Chapter I

The class of the Knight is the most noble of the brotherhoods. Only the pure of heart, those who live in righteousness and that put the greater good of the kingdom before the individual, can join it. The Knights are appointed by the King in person after a training that lasts for years. They receive their armor, a horse and a sword, so that they can save the helpless and punish injustice. The Knight never offends first, it was created to protect. Their fighting styles include: the sword and the shield, the sword, or a pair of arms. The ultimate goal is always to defend.

  • High defense and resistance
  • Protects their comrades with defensive buffs
  • Defensive styles depend on the type of weapon used


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Specialization: The Defense



Merlin, personal journal

A new generation of mages is rising. The power of the Eternal Flame is spreading and reaching the hearts of those who are capable of shaping it. Everyday persons marked by this gift come to Camelot. It’s my duty, now, to train them. Help them to channel their powers in magnificent spells.



Lady Igraine, transcript, extract

Brothers, in this day, in front of the sacred flame gifted to us by the Dragon itself, I nominate you Acolytes of fire. Now you are free from your training and you can travel through the reign to help and comfort whoever needs it. Transform the mystic energies in sweet soothing, inspire the troops with your singing. But crush the enemy, whenever you have the occasion.



Arthemis Dawn, field record

The footstep led inside the forest. The other members of the squad were tracking other leads, so I decided to proceed alone. Red, my hound, precedes me to pick up any trail. We entered the forest’s heart and there we spotted an ambush waiting for us. If it wasn’t for Red I would be dead. With a bark he warned me of the danger so I jumped in the bushes right away with the bow stretched. Then I saw two short characters hidden not far from us. Crossbows pointing toward the path. I killed the first with a swift shot, Red took care of the other one.



Sealed orders from Uther Pendragon to Lord Gorlois

My friend, I need you to be my eyes and ears on the field. Find people willing to get their hands dirty, to infiltrate the enemy lines and retrieve informations. Train them, make them a spy net that can help us pinpoint the enemy location. They need to be able to use small weapons with great proficiency, it will be their only defense. Merlin will provide poisons and potions recipes. Use them if necessary.