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Dungeons and DSD!

Today we are excited to be able to finally reveal to you other innovative features of Land of Britain, speaking of an element that we could not miss in our MMORPG – Dungeons! In Land of Britain, dungeons will be something totally innovative, where you will be able to actively interact with them and they will give you a complete sense of involvement whenever you are inside one.
To explain what we mean, we will discuss the innovative Dynamic System Dungeon, and we will present you the very first dungeon.
What is the Dynamic System Dungeon (DSD)?
Every time you enter a dungeon, its difficulty will be calibrated according to how your party is composed – The routes could be changed and also it is not said that the boss or the final challenge must be always the same. We will also create areas of bonus which can be accessed only after solving quests, using objects or other requirements that will have to be fulfilled. That’s why before entering a dungeon or some unexplored part of Land of Britain is advisable asking information to NPCs in the villages and in the capitals of the area, also by consulting their libraries. The dynamism and the constant changes are key elements – In a Land of Britain dungeon, in fact, you never stop discovering new elements and even exploring it again several times there will be always new features to discover that will change significantly the way to explore it.
There will PvP dungeons for single and group players where you will face other groups for the loot, there will be a PvP dungeon that will involve all the Kingdoms, there will be dungeons called “Crafter’s Mine” designed for wilder Crafters and Gatherers – In other words, there will be something for everyone.
So, let’s introduce the very first dungeon in Land of Britain: the Fen Dhathach. All the myths talk about a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Actually they did not go too far from reality! Fen Dhathach is an artificial cave shaped as a cauldron used by Leprechauns as deposit for their treasures. The entrance is located under the Rainbow Great Falls which, at the time of the myth, were protected by the powerful influence of the Dragon. But with the advent of the war and the arrival of a mysterious threat, Fen Dhathach fell into the hands of the less noble cousins the Leprechauns, the Cluricans, who have long craved its conquest, attracted by its innumerable riches hidden inside.
With the help of other fairies, Cluricans managed to take possession of the cave and make it a place as dangerous as rich, infested with Pookas, Changelings, Cluricauns and other evil beings, all offspring of Oberon, King of fairies.

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An evolving world in which three Kingdoms face eachother to survive
  • Miroslav Donchev

    Wow,amazing article.I really like your ideas,especially the pvp instances.Also i’m curious to see how will work those ever changing dungeons.I hope you guys can make this game!Everything sounds so right,this is the game i want to play!

    • http://www.landofbritain.com/ Land of Britain

      Thanks Man!!! :)

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Land of Britain is an innovative fantasy MMORPG. An evolving world in which three Kingdoms face eachother to survive. A reality that changes as time goes by, in which every character can live his adventures facing challanges with your own playstyle. PvE, KvK, Crafting, choose your path and protect your Kingdom in the Lands of Britain.

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