Bestiary - Land of Britain

Creatures of Britannia







Avalon Dinasty, volume XIX

Eventually the dead awoke from their sand graves. The ancient kings rise from their tombs to get back what once was theirs. Steel can barely hurt them, fire consumes flesh but not bones. Slow and steady they colonize the east, driving away the living whom can’t fight back these aberrations.






Nagurs’ Odes, oral tradition

Waves break, the song comes. Females of death, blood and charm. Their voice is poison, their kiss is death. Their eyes hurts the sight, their hug is winter-like ice. Night’s offspring, mist’s wives, sun’s enemies.




Northern Territories, volume III

The Knochenbrechers are giant insects, they are dangerous and lethal more than most creatures. The inferior part of their body looks like a millipede and their black carapace is as tough as steel. Paws are thin but strong and let them move at great speed even at unthinkable slopes. Some exemplars can climb vertical walls. The tail has claws to immobilize their preys to attack them with their sharp limbs. Their torso is similar to the mantis’, but they have six arms: four inferior, sharp as razors and two superior that can literally break bones, hence their name. The bite is dangerous too, even if less lethal. Their colors fade from black to green. They have an innate camouflage skill that makes them almost invisible in thick vegetation, even more if it’s rotting. They prefer to live in dump locations, Bifrosgard is the perfect place now that the ice melted down. They hunt during the night and they crave for meat, especially human.




Cloud Salamander

Valad Odivere, personal journal

The exploration led us in a hidden valley between the first slopes of Catuvellum. Down there we discovered a new race. Horned Salamanders, gray and light blue, not bigger than a large dog. They look docile and not afraid of us, they looked like domesticated. That was our mistake, they attacked us when we felt safe. Their tails swiftly sting us and numb our senses with poison. Some of us tried to fight back with swords but their scales were hard to pierce. Our strength was fading when they blew vapor similar to thunderous clouds. Then all went black and I lost my senses. I woke up with bite marks on my legs, but I was the luckiest of all of us. Eaten limbs, that’s what remains of the others. Probably when they came to eat me they were already full.