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VideoBlogs by Kurolily

Today we have a big news for everybody, from now on our news will be accompanied by Kurolily videoblogs, famous streamer and our dear friend, who instantly fell in love with Land of Britain and decided to cooperate with us. […]


Dungeons and DSD!

Today we are excited to be able to finally reveal to you other innovative features of Land of Britain, speaking of an element that we could not miss in our MMORPG – Dungeons! In Land of Britain, dungeons will be […]


The Gathering and the Treasure Hunter!

Take your pick, your pack and do not forget to sharpen your sword because today we are going to discover a new adventure in the world of Land of Britain – The Gathering! Last week we left you with the Crafting […]


Introduction to Crafting!

Last week, we started to show you some game mechanics and today we will continue, talking about one of the most important aspects of the game – the “Crafting”. In Crafting will begin to show what will be the potentialities […]


The Huscarl!

Land of Britain introduces the first class, the Huscarls of Norsengard and the first of three parts of the mechanics of the tank, divided into Offensive/Defensive/Attributes and Stats. These granitic Tanks defend the Kingdom of Norsengard from time immemorial, before […]


The Crafting: The Enchanter

Professions are as important as the playable classes because, in LoB, Crafting has a starring role as well as PvE and PvP. The first type of crafter we want to talk about is “the Enchanter”. Skilled in the use of […]


Revealed the “Dwarves” of Norsengard!

We are happy to announce LoB’s first race: the Dwarves of Norsengard. Stubborn and obstinate, dwarves never stop in front of a challenge and live all along together with the chill ice of the North. To learn more about their […]


A constantly evolving website

As well as the game, the LoB web site is constantly evolving, new, concept art, graphic improvements and much more, which you will discover only by keeping yourself updated and lurking through our site pages. Growing up with your support […]