About Us - Land of Britain



For us an MMO is a virtual world where imagination reigns supreme. A different world, fantastic, free, and that does not follow the tracks of the reality we face every day. A place where your every action has a real impact in relation to other players who share the same experience. An immersive and unlimited space that must change with the players themselves, a dynamic world to live together.

Potato Killer Studio was born from our need to reconcile the expectations of gamers and what we would want to find in an MMO. Our team is composed not only of passionate gamers, but also by industry professionals from the videogame Warhammer Online, Ryse: Son of Rome and other major projects.

We come from games such as Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars. And through these games, and many others, our passion grew, feeding itself of dreams and possibilities that each game offered us. But not all our expectations were paid. We found ourselves in a question and the answer was simple: “Let’s do it!”. We are gamers and we know what we want! The “Land of Britain” project starts.

Can you handle a hot potato?